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Wanted: Guitars to Buy – Rare Guitar Shop

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Wanted: Guitars to Buy

This has been a GREAT season for folks buying superb guitars…and we need to buy more GUITARS. Sales have been strong and yes…time to replenish our inventory.

Happy to say we found some great homes for these in the past few days, with more of the same coming in next week…BUT WE NEED LOTS MORE !

1983 Fender AVRI Stratocaster


Send us pictures and details on our websites and let’s get rolling! /



Founder, CEO California Dream’n, LLC

These beauties below all found new homes!

1968 Rickenbacker OS 360 FiregloΒ  1959 Les Paul CC Series Gruhn Fender Stratocaster 1982 Guitar PRS Santana II Art Gibson ES 335 3



  1. James Green

    Where are you located?

    1. David Peterson

      I travel between Denver and San Francisco…

  2. Is there a market for the TEISCO brand guitars?

    1. David Peterson

      Lou, every guitar has a market. Teisco has an interesting timeline, including Kawai, Kay and some of the Sears guitars so many of us had back in that era…value is good, price point is low. My take on it. So many models, years and variables, each would have its own number…but if you’ll allow a rule of thumb number, I would say $300-$700 covers most of the spectrum. Lots of exceptions however…

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