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If there is a common thread amongst all post 1850’s music, it would be the instrument we all recognize and adore…the GUITAR. Simple in design, practical in form, adaptable in function and easy to carry on the road…guitars became the mainstay. From ‘Hank to Hendrix’ these wonderful instruments continue to warm our hearts, providing the stories we love with music. Joni, Bob, Neil, Chuck, Elvis and Muddy…the list is endless.

Rare Guitar Shop is the culmination of four decades; buying, selling, playing and advising folks on some great guitars. Our business model is simple…”offer the best in class, authenticated and original guitars available…” We stand behind every guitar that leaves our shop. Our team combs the world for superb, no excuses classic guitars that will perform to the highest levels of expectations. These guitars will be a welcome addition for any player and collector alike. If there is something specific you are looking for, please let us know…we will find it!

Rare Guitar Shop also exclusively represents some of the finest made guitars that are handcrafted, played by Grammy Award winning artists and internationally acclaimed “the very best, hands down…”

We offer appraisals and will authenticate any guitar that you have questions about…no stone unturned! Our team and our network include some of the most knowledgeable guitar guru’s in America.

Consignments? Absolutely yes…please know we are here for you and will help in every way possible to sell your gear. We will do a full assessment and valuation, discuss our findings and help you get the best price possible.

Financing? Yes indeed. We offer full financing. What’s more, we will finance your guitar while it is on the market and pay you CASH today…even if the right sale at a fair price takes months. This is our promise, backed by one of the nations most trusted financial groups.

We offer a full range of services, and if there are special requests that we can tailor to your needs…let’s do it!

Rare Guitar Shop is your one stop, full service store. We work with some of the best luthiers in the business on repairs and extensive restoration work…so no more searching the web or using sub-par repair shops…leave this to us and together we’ll exceed expectations. We will never charge a middle man fee for any repairs…the actual price is your price; you will have access to the luthiers of the most iconic collectors, artists and recording stars internationally. All work carries a double guarantee that will have your guitar back to its old self…

Our promise is to stay pure. Our commitment is to be real and stay tuned weekly as new things arrive….we also share some cool content, articles and interviews that will keep you informed in the wonderful world of guitars.

Warmest wishes to you all,

David Peterson,
Founder, CEO: Rare Guitar Shop
California Dream’n Guitars
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California Dream’n Guitars


Let’s begin with the name… why California Dream’n Guitars? It is a name I started with 30 years ago that just plain stuck. My family and I moved to San Francisco a very long time ago… living in California became a joy on all fronts… you just open the windows and voila… the perfect climate for people and GUITARS! It was like a dream come true. I had more time to spend on finding guitars, collecting, and living life…


David Peterson
Guitar Loans - Borrow Against Guitars

Borrow Against Guitars


You can build a better mousetrap however creating a whole new category that supports all existing platforms is both exciting and rewarding.

Guitar investors/collectors come in all shapes and forms. Well healed, knowledgeable people that enjoy the “art” and playability of fine instruments, artists that perform and create fantastic music that demand the very best and regular folks that simply adore guitars.



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