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1953 Les Paul Goldtop

Custom Gibson 1970 Les Paul – 1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior – 1953 Les Paul Goldtop

Featured Guitars Custom Gibson 1970 Les Paul Collectors and artists alert! This museum grade 1970 Les Paul Custom is in 100% original condition with its all original finish! Easily a 9.7 condition beauty! Comes with tags and original hard shell case. WOW! Custom Gibson 1970 Les Paul   1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior This could […]

Gibson Les Paul 1959 Tom Murphy Custom

6 Ways to Customize Your Guitar – 1959 Gibson Les Paul Tom Murphy Custom Shop

6 Ways to Customize Your Guitar Customizing your guitar not only makes it sexier, but, as a result, it also makes you wanna play the guitar more and hence – improve more. From my personal experience with all of my guitars (: Enjoy!   1959 Gibson Les Paul Tom Murphy Custom Shop Incredible top with […]

2001 Gibson Chet Atkins SST

Blockchain Music and Song Rights – 10 Best Classical Guitars – Life of a Musician

Music Collaboration Democratized & Incentivized Blockchain Song Rights Database & Royalty Transparency Tune Company is a software development and management company primarily focused on creating blockchain based technology, smart contract design and digital tokenized applications. Tune’s primary mission is to solve digital songwriter rights and royalty transparency issues for the music industry. Furthermore, the establishment […]

1959 Gretsch Country Gentleman

Guitar Gods – Greatest Guitarists Of All Time – 1959 Gretsch Country Gentleman

Guitar gods: The 30 most influential lead guitarists of all time Keep in mind that this isn’t just a list of the best guitar players of all time but also of influential lead guitarists, meaning we favored rock and country musicians over solo blues or folk musicians who often played with little accompaniment. Here are […]

1949 Gibson LG1

1949 Gibson LG1 – Rare Guitars Video – 25 Most Valuable Guitars

1949 Gibson Magical LG1 Best I’ve ever had! 100% original, no cracks or repairs. I can’t say that about myself…and I’m a ‘57… CLICK HERE   Extremely RARE 1958 Fender Stratocaster I can’t believe I finally played this guitar…   25 Most Valuable Guitars There are few collectibles in modern pop culture that are as […]

Kid Guitarists

The Young Guitar Prodigy – Kid Guitarists

The 12-Year-Old Guitar Prodigy Who Plays From the Heart Child musical prodigies are seemingly common these days, especially with the advent of YouTube enabling kids to learn quickly and share their talents with the world. What sets 12-year-old guitarist Jeremy Yong apart from his young peers however isn’t his impressive technical ability. It’s the way […]

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