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1949 Gibson LG1 – Rare Guitars Video – 25 Most Valuable Guitars – Rare Guitar Shop

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1949 Gibson LG1 – Rare Guitars Video – 25 Most Valuable Guitars

1949 Gibson Magical LG1

Best I’ve ever had! 100% original, no cracks or repairs. I can’t say that about myself…and I’m a ‘57…

1949 Gibson LG1



Extremely RARE 1958 Fender Stratocaster

I can’t believe I finally played this guitar…


25 Most Valuable Guitars

There are few collectibles in modern pop culture that are as cool as guitars. They’re functional, tactile art that inspires players and music fans alike. As a VG reader, you’re acutely aware of the guitar’s status as a pop-culture icon. But beyond fond memories of The Beatles on Ed Sullivan or Hendrix at Woodstock, for some, guitars also serve as investments. So, using data accumulated in the research for The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide 2011, we offer this look at the 25 most valuable production-model (not celebrity-owned) guitars…



1946 Epiphone Deluxe Blonde Amazing Rare Bubble Maple Back

The Deluxe was second from the top of the Epiphone line and was a direct competitor to the Gibson L-5 of the era.
This guitar has aged to a beautiful amber color over the years. I’ve seen some nice looking wood on old Epiphones, but the figuring on the back of this is one of the best, w stunning rare bubble maple. Flame maple sides and neck. Frets are in great condition, probably replaced, but they’re dressed and the neck is straight. The original Frequensator tailpiece does not have the typical crack at the bend and is unstamped as are many ’46’s I’ve seen. The finish on the back of the neck shows playing wear, it’s kind of washed out in the pics but it’s there, and the upper treble bout side where the previous owner’s hand likely came in contact when playing high on the neck and where the guitar rested on the knee. There are nicks, dings and scratches typical of a 74 year old instrument that’s been played a lot…


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