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1983 Fender AVRI Stratocaster

1983 Fender AVRI Stratocaster 3

All Original, gorgeous example of the 1962 Stratocaster adorned in Lake Placid Blue. This series started in 1982 and was the beginnings of what we now know as the Fender Custom Shop. Please feel free to refer to the article
This one comes complete with all the case candy, brochure and strap that most have discarded or sold off individually over time. The OHSC is in wonderful shape and is included. This IS THE REAL DEAL!



Fender Unveils First-ever Custom Shop Meteora

The fresh, radically offset body shape gets the Master Built treatment. When Fender’s Meteora first broke cover back in January 2018, it turned a lot of heads – not just because of its radical offset design, but also because it was a brand-new electric guitar body shape for Fender. And that outline looks to be gaining in popularity, as Fender unveils its first-ever Custom Shop Meteora.

This retro-future-vibed instrument was Master Built by Principal Master Builder Ron Thorn. Master Built instruments are the highest-end guitars to come out of the Custom Shop, showcasing the skills of Fender’s top luthiers…



The History Behind Fender Custom Shop

Despite the innovations brought with the Smith Strat, The Strat, the introduction of the Gold Stratocaster and the Walnut Strat in the early 80’s, the passion of guitarists towards the Stratocasters of the ’50s and ’60s showed no sign of diminishing. For this reason Dan Smith thought the time had come to build instruments inspired by the historic guitars of the past…the Vintage Series Reissues. The project consisted of classic models of Telecaster, Stratocaster, Precision Bass and Jazz Bass. We have some first hand details of this period from R and D Masterbuilder Scott Zimmerman. It was 1980 that Scott took over the job as Masterbuilder, a job of which there was only ONE; John Page was his predecessor.

Fender Guitars

We need to be clear on the Vintage Reissue Series and how it began. The common myth is that Dan Smith designed the first prototypes of the ’57 Stratocaster and ’62 Stratocaster in 1981. This is far from the truth so let’s discuss. It’s conception PREDATES both Dan Smith and Bill Schultz. The true roots began in the late 1970s, with a project of John Page and Freddie Tavares to release a Vintage Reissue 50s Telecaster. Dan Smith, together with John and Freddie ultimately provided the specs on the project…


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